Privacy policy Park-line Aqua B.V.

Privacy Policy Park-line Water, provider of mobile services for on and around the water. Park-line Water is the operational name of Park-line Aqua B.V.

The Personal Data Protection Act applies to the personal registrations of Park-line Aqua. The personal registration of Park-line Aqua is registered at the "College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens" and meets all legal requirements. The registration of the "Customer Registration of Park-line Aqua B.V." was received and registered by the College on March 1, 2002 under number m1010550. In order to guarantee the privacy of individuals and to inform them of this, Park-line Aqua has drawn up its own Privacy Policy in addition to the legislation and regulations.

The Privacy Policy consists of the following points:

  • For the use of personal data other than for services on the water and the payment thereof, explicit prior consent is requested from the person concerned; if such consent is not granted, the data will only be provided to third parties in anonymised form (e.g. average length of stay in an area, number of users of services on the water) or when this is necessary to process the payment (e.g. collection agency);
  • The personal data is used for registration of place and time in relation to services on the water, payment handling and control by ports (in some municipalities, the police);
  • Data required directly for the Park-line Aqua service in question (name, address, place of residence, identification number, Chamber of Commerce number (companies), mobile phone number, e-mail address, bank account number, payment and invoicing data) must be entered on the form, other data are optional;
  • When Park-line Aqua launches new services or products on the market and additional information is required from the customer, the customer will be asked again for the information necessary for that service;
  • The personal records are secure and not accessible to unauthorized persons. The security is regularly checked and tested;
  • Customers can view all of their registered personal data free of charge via the Personal Page on the Park-line Aqua website.
  • The personal data will be removed from the files after unsubscribing at the customer's own request (after termination of the service and after all financial obligations have been met) or after five years after termination of the service. Only payment and invoice details are retained for seven years (this is the tax retention period);

For questions regarding privacy, please refer to the Park-line Aqua helpdesk If there is a complaint and Park-line provides a satisfactory response, you can report it to the independent body designated by law (Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague; Park-line's Customer Registration is known under number m1010550).


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